Check box data that displays in FMP does not display in WebDirect

Discussion created by tcwaters on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Orlando

I was looking over how layouts of a solution show in WebDirect, when I noticed a data discrepancy.  The attached image shows a layout in FMPro 16 (left), Internet Explorer (middle), and Win Chrome (right). The field "nameInstructor" is chosen from a value list.  In FMPro, the layout shows the data correctly- there are checks next to several names, but the same record in WebDirect does not show the boxes as checked.


The correct values are in the value list, but the data that already exists in the field is not displayed. While my example image attached shows WebD in IE and Win Chrome, Safari and Chrome on Mac, look similarly.


The value list shows values from a related table, and was set to use two fields (nameLast and nameFull) , but only display the second (nameFull).  If I change the value list to use only one field, it displays properly in FMP as well as WebD.


This is a DB hosted on a FMS 16 server.