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    get(documentspathlisting) not working


      I think I'm losing my mind.  This worked and now it doesn't.  FMS16, WS2012R2, FMPA 16 on the server


      As a test I created a new file with a single calculation field get(documentspathlisting) as text, unstored.


      When I start up that solution locally on my Mac I instantly get a list of my documents, when I start that up on the server I get nothing (and I checked, there are files in the Documents folder).



      Is this a bug?  What am I missing?

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          Wait - this could be on my end.


          I download the solution with a single field to my desktop and re-uploaded.  The single field solution worked.


          So I downloaded and re-uploaded the solution that I've spent months on.  Didn't work.  So a ran a "recover" and "consistency".  No issues.


          Something is corrupted - I think.  Argh.