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    Webdirect CSS not loading


      I am building a medical database for use in webdirect


      For the past 3 versions of filemaker server (13,14,15), I have encountered the same problem


      When loading the styles to the browser, 95% of the time the design appears as normal. However, every now again certain pages load without the style, leaving a white screen with the text only


      My file is currently being hosted on filemaker server 15, but I think I will upgrade shortly to 16


      I have been using a supported theme which I have adjusted to suit my needs


      it's very frustrating because it is preventing me from presenting the software outside the office, as I don't want this to happen during a presentation


      The browser I am using is Chrome


      Has anyone experienced similar problems, and if so, have you managed to find a solution?

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          Where is your file being hosted? In house or on a server service?


          As far as I've ever been able to tell, the sort of "packet loss" side effects that you describe usually come from a server that is either over-taxed, or doesn't have a reliable upload speed to the user.


          You may want to try setting up something like AWS to test and see if you see the same symptoms while hosting elsewhere.

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            It is being hosted on a dedicated server


            There is only 1-2 simultaneous connection to the server presently, so it really should not be over-taxed

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              It is being hosted on a dedicated server

              That only half-answers my question. Where is the server hosted? If it's somewhere like AWS you have a solid backbone connection to the web. If it's in your office, you're subject to your ISP's limits and also sharing that upload with anyone else on the same internet connection in a single bottleneck (your modem).


              Unless you've got a reliable fiber line into your office, coupled with the enterprise grade hardware designed to prioritize server packets, self-hosting for WebDirect to external users may not perform well.

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                It is being hosted in a data centre outside London by a hosting company who specialise in dedicated filemaker server hosting


                Our office is in the UK and we have a reliable fiber line into our office

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                  I'd check with your hosting company to see if it's something they've seen before.


                  I'd also go with my earlier recommendation of trying a different host to see if the symptoms go away.


                  I've dealt with bad performance on WebDirect with 3rd party hosting providers before (at no fault of their wonderful customer service), these always seemed to resolve themselves by switching to our own VM running on Amazon or using FileMaker Cloud which runs on AWS linux instances.

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                    Thanks for your responses Mike


                    I am going to try using FIlemaker Cloud and compare the performance