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Webdirect CSS not loading

Question asked by paddym on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by paddym

I am building a medical database for use in webdirect


For the past 3 versions of filemaker server (13,14,15), I have encountered the same problem


When loading the styles to the browser, 95% of the time the design appears as normal. However, every now again certain pages load without the style, leaving a white screen with the text only


My file is currently being hosted on filemaker server 15, but I think I will upgrade shortly to 16


I have been using a supported theme which I have adjusted to suit my needs


it's very frustrating because it is preventing me from presenting the software outside the office, as I don't want this to happen during a presentation


The browser I am using is Chrome


Has anyone experienced similar problems, and if so, have you managed to find a solution?