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Exporting data from excel to new file in Filemaker

Question asked by anjani on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by anjani

Hi everyone.

I am trying to export data from excel which is in form of questionnaire  to new file in Filemaker. I made similar layout in Filemaker with all questions. I wrote script

Import records(source: "export file")

Go to record/ request page[first]

. This script is importing data to the new filemaker file but its not in sequence. My excel sheet has 10 questions with their question no. defined. But in layout i wrote every questions. While importing, i am getting all data in only one row. that is 10 data from excel in 10 records in filemaker but in same single row. whereas I want to import data according to the questions no.

My question might seems confusing so I have attached files for the reference.



Excel file.PNG