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Project opened via remote can't automatically find external data sources

Question asked by abstractjuz on Jun 27, 2017
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I have two Macs on a local Ethernet network.

I have a FMP project that lives on Mac 1 and is set up for sharing so that Mac 2 can open it via the 'Open Remote' option.


I can see and open the file on Mac 2 as expected - but it then asks me to locate that file's external data source manually.

The external data source for this file is another FMP project that is in exactly the same folder as the file I have set up for sharing.

I've tried pretty much every style of pathname for the file in Manage/External Data Sources on Mac 1 - no luck.


Mac 2 doesn't currently have any other file-sharing access to Mac 1 so I can't just connect via the normal Mac OS file-sharing options and locate the file manually that way.


So - is it possible to set this up so that Mac 2 can access this one project file and either FMP or Mac 2 or that particular project file locates the required external data source/s automatically every time the files is opened?




/ J