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Create a Invoice Number?

Question asked by keith.r on Jun 27, 2017
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I'm working with a table from a in-house development POS system. This table is just a list of line items transactions without a way to relate records. I would like to synthesizing a Invoice Number for each record.


The available fields are:

Purchased Date

Serial Number (unique)

Customer ID (unique)

Product ID



My first thought was to synthesize a Invoice Number based on the Purchased Date and Customer ID. Basically I added the values together:


Invoice Number = Customer ID + Year ( Purchased Date ) + Month ( Purchased Date ) + Day ( Purchased Date )


I was feeling smug until further review I noticed the Invoice Numbers wasn't unique for Purchased Date + Customer ID calculation.


Invoice Number 66481 = 1+7+2015 + 66458

Invoice Number 66481 = 2+13+2015 + 66451

Invoice Number 66481 = 3+27+2015 + 66436


Back to the drawing board. Hopefully someone with better understand can point me in the right direction.