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    find a answer by a specific user (fmpdude)


      I just read through some treads here and find an interesting pointer on how to get started using java&fmp

      there was a good answer by fmpdude

      but now I can't find it!

      how can i find all entries by a specific user

      also can I mark a record here to come back later?


      this forum surely could use some improvements.

      - make it a treeview ( see -->  Level Extreme  ). a treeview is so much better in following a tread


      - have a way to save particularly good answers in my on space so I can recall them later and don't have to reask the ame questions. I could build my own knowledge base this way


      - let me filter out all treads requiring version 16 if i did not upgrade yet (and I wont, since I payed 500+ dolloars 6 month ago and now i would ned to pay another 300+ dollars just to loose the runtime


      Thanks for listening