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Popover; resetting variables to trigger objects visibility

Question asked by Cécile on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Jens Teich


Newbie here.

I have been struggling with this for two days and I am a bit discouraged.


I have this popover (see images) on which I have the fields from CtC (contacts to check) and CiD (contacts in Database) tables side by side so that the user can decide if they refer to the same person and if they do, review the contact information to update if needed.


So initially, the popover looks like (1) just one check box. If the user find that they match, they check that box, otherwise they click elsewhere or on the next record to move to another potential pair.


When they check that box for the first time, as in (2), a second check box appear, an action button, a ? button as well as a series of radio buttons and an help message that I want them to read (3) so i put it over the check boxes and action button.


At this time, the message is in a text object (not an edit box). I had it originally on the slide control panel with just one panel but I figured I did not need the extra layer since I can hide the text object with a calc $$ToggleHelp=0 (in the inspector, hide object when) and a button to set the variable to 0. When the text message his hidden, the field "Needs Update" (check box) needs to remain checked until the user uncheck it or exit the popover. This is because the Action button script rely on it to know to update the information aside from associating both records.


So once the user read the message he can click the X button to hide it and the ? button to show it again.


As long as the popover is open, I want the values selected by the user to remain (check boxes and radio buttons) but when it is being closed, either by loosing focus or clicking on the popover button, its controls must reinitialize so that no check box and no radio button is selected.


What works:

  • Second check box, action button and ? button appear and disappear when  "its a match" check box is clicked.
  • Radio button sets appear and disappear when "update is needed" check box is clicked.


What does not work: (4)

  • Help text never appears
  • All field/controls (check boxes, radio buttons) are not reinitialized on exit nor on enter (I made sure I selected the popover itself, not the button when I set the trigger).


On my image, the orange circle indicates an edit box version of the check box (to see value)


What did I do wrong?


I attached my scripts and screen shots.


Thank you already