Export as PDF - Light text colour formatting issue

Discussion created by ianlancashire on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by TSGal


Hi - Im having an issue in Filemaker 16 when using the Export as PDF function, either as a UI command or when its scripted.


The issue is how white ( or light ) text is missing when placed on a darker background when exported. It just blocks out with the darker background.


  • The issue is not there in filemaker 14 at all.
  • Not an issue when printing to a printer,
  • Not an issue when using "print as pdf" or "open pdf in preview" from the mac print dialogue.
  • Not a visible issue in the preview mode in FM.


Its just in the export as pdf function, and as this is crucial to my scripts in producing my pdf workflow i'm having to switch between FM 14 & 16 all of the time if i want to make use of the new version at all.


Please see the following images that show the issue, one which is Export as PDF, and one which is Print PDF from the mac print dialogue.


Any ideas on a fix ?