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Filemaker 16 - cannot edit text box style once a Button Action is added

Question asked by k-meson on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by CarlSchwarz

Having recently upgraded to Version 16 Advanced I am becoming slightly frustrated with this new behaviour when creating layouts.


I regularly use text fields showing related data as clickable links to take the user to the detail of the data it indicates, clicking through to contact record from an order for example, and visa versa. FileMaker has always made this very simple to do by adding a button action to the field and either linking a script or doing a single line such as Go To Related Record etc.


However, in version 16, applying a button action changes the Object Property from Edit Box to Group and you can no longer apply styles or individual changes to it such as fill colour, font etc. This is pretty frustrating as now, if I forget to change it to look like a button first by applying my pre created "Link Field" style I have to undo the Button Action, make the change and then set it back again. Opening the same file in Version 14, I can still access the field as an Edit Box and change the style, even when I assign a Button Action to it.


Is this a bug, or by design for some reason. If by design, can we un-design it please?


Would be interested to hear if any other developers are being equally frustrated by this annoying change.


John Wilson