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Barcode to populate multiple fields with one barcode - iPad scanner

Question asked by andydawson on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by jfencil

Hi All,


I'm new to Filemaker (ok with Access though!) and I'm trying to populate multiple fields using a single QR Code being scanned using an iPad.


I'm using IDAutomation software within a long standing Access database to generate a QR code. I have coded ~d009 [Tab] (and tried ~d013 [Carriage Return]) into the QR code in an attempt to get the barcode to advance to the next field on Filemaker....with no luck. It interprets the tilde command, because it reflects in the data that's entered however, it will not move to the next field in the form.


I have ticked the options to move to the next field in Filemaker. Tab, Return and Enter are all ticked, with no luck.


I can only think that the command to move to the next field on an iPad is different, therefore I need to code this in to the barcode.


Has anyone else managed this, or have any other ways of achieving the desired result?


For information, the fields are not fixed in length, they can vary massively.


Thanks for any help.