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Certain fields of new records not being exported

Question asked by mediteran on Jun 28, 2017
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Hi all,


I've got a very strange issue in FMP 15 Advanced. In a database, most of the data is entered manually. Then, there is a dropdown menu with a list of offices. Depending on the chosen office, three phone numbers are displayed in three fields. The phone numbers are stored in another table, the relationship is correct.


When I export records to an XLSX file, the mentioned phone numbers have always been exported correctly. And this is still working with all "older" records. But when exporting new records which are created in the last couple of days, the phone numbers are not being exported, the corresponding cells in the XLSX spreadsheet empty.


Any idea what could have happened with the new records? What I've already tried, without any success:


– Quit FMP and restart.

– Created a copy of the database.

– Copied the database onto another computer and exported records.

– Made a clone of the database and imported all records.

– Recovered the database, without any issues found.