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    [X-Post FMExperts] "Oh Server, I Really Don't Follow" - FMS 16 files closed but open




      I have a beefy MacMini server getting setup for client. 

      We partitioned the disk (SSD) into three partitions - FMS15 on Sierra, FMS16 on Sierra, and a “Data” disk where we store the live db’s.

      Both FMS installs point at the “Data” partition as an alternate databases location.

      I had both Server versions running using “Data”.

      I have been trying to get some serverside plugins setup.


      The rub:

      1.  FMS16 Server is running.

      2.  The Admin Console - in both Safari and Firefox - indicates all databases are CLOSED.  Yet, I can log into any one of them.

      3.  eg.  Backup schedules will not run as there are no databases open.

      4.  doing fmsadmin list files in terminal returns a list of files that I take to be open.

      5.  fmsadmin close -ym BOM_File.fmp12 closes ALL the open databases.  I got a challenge on my client computer.

      6.  Picking “Open All” in the console opens them all - I can get into anyone of them.

      7.  Running some schedules fails because “No open databases to operate on.”  Running an other one works - even though there are no open db's

      8.  The log files show databases being open and closed.

      9.  I am connected to the main hosted db.  It is closed.  Server tells me there are no open databases.  No clients.

      10.  I just downloaded a copy of the db via the admin console.


      Things to do:


      1.  Pursue this matter with the Filemaker Tech Support.  But - is it interesting enough to catch their attention?

      2.  Nuke the HD and try again.

      3.  Consider whether the Tri-Partition strategy might be a problem in the deployment.







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