Weird empty characters to clean up. FM can't see it

Discussion created by paolobkk on Jun 28, 2017
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Hi everyone!


I'm trying to clean up a file exported from "Express Accounting" software (Thailand).


This file will place all the data in one cell and keep the values separated by some spaces for each record.


After importing it in FMPA11 I was able to make the right calculations to get every data inside it's own field but I found a problem when a "space" shows as a space but Filemaker is not able to recognize it.


For example:

Original data in the field (called "field"):

1 TO8213  Oreno Tenuta Sette Ponti 75cl 2        2.0Btl.           2025.00                  4050.00


Same data after applying "Substitute ( field ; " " ; "_" )" on a calculated field

1_TO8213  Oreno_Tenuta_Sette_Ponti_75cl_2________2.0Btl.___________2025.00__________________4050.00


As you can see there are 2 spaces between the code (TO8213) and the product name (Oreno), but Filemaker fails to see them and change them with the underscore.


Did anyone ever found this issue after importing data from another source?

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


FMPA11 on a FMS11 - macbook pro 2011