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Discussion created by michaellechthaler on Jun 29, 2017
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FileMaker Pro Advanced

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Windows 10



Dragging text from a portal to a webviewer that then triggers a FileMaker Script via fmp protocol causes FileMaker to crash.


How to replicate

I have a layout with portal and a webviewer on it. The portal shows unassigned tasks and the webviewer is a scheduler. The goal is to assign the tasks to a user by simply dragging the id of the task from the portal to an available slot in the scheduler. The webviewer then runs a FileMaker script via fmp protocol to update the task with the new data (assigned user, time, etc.). This works several times until FileMaker crashes - sometimes even after the first try. I attached a very simple example. To reproduce the error, drag the timestamp from the portal and drop it on the red "drop zone". After 2-4 repetitions the error should occur.


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