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Age calculation based on year database was built!

Question asked by willardhunter on Jun 29, 2017
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I have an odd situation. I developed an age calculation for the appliances in the housing co-op I live in. It works great - based on the year I built the database. That is, a 2015 database version shows appliance ages as of 2015. Same for another copy from 2016. The databases are frozen in time. I created a field called current date, and it shows the proper 2017 date. I use a drop-down list of years to show the year the appliances were built. The 2015 database uses FM Pro 11. The 2016 database uses FM Pro 14.


The calculation was built based on a classic FM Pro format. Here is a sample of the calculation I use:


Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - Year (AirConditionerInstYear ) - If ( Get ( CurrentDate ) < Date ( Month (AirConditionerInstYear) ; Day (AirConditionerInstYear ) ; Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) ); 1 ; 0 )


Help! What can I do to get the age calculation to change each year?