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    Import XML with german numbers in german file on US-Windows is failing




      Windows Server 2012 R2

      FileMaker Pro 15.0.3

      FileMaker Server 15.0.3




      We have a database developed in Germany which uses XML-Export + Import to move numbers around in the DB. This has been in use for years on German systems, and the decimal separator, a comma, has always been exported and imported correctly.


      We now have a problem on a Windows machine (set up as US-English) where the comma is incorrectly being converted to a dot.


      The problem seems to be that:


           The XML-import is using the system's decimal separator whereas it should be using the file's decimal separator!

           (Maybe it is a general problem when the system's and file's decimal separators are different)


      I'm afraid I can't upload images to the forum at the mo, as it has a bug, so here is the situation textually:


      Steps to Reproduce


      Set up a file and system with these settings + actions:


      • Windows Region = English (US), decimal separator = dot
      • FileMaker Pro UI Language = English (or German - didn't have any effect)
      • Target FileMaker File decimal separator = comma (1/2 -> ,5 = "comma-five")
      • XML to Import = <Number>7,88</Number>
      • Target field is a number field with NO AutoEnter calculation
      • XML-Import is matched on names with NO AutoEnter calculation
      • Import with dialog => The number is VISIBLE in the import dialog with a COMMA as separator
      • Directly after the import, the target number field contains a dot. (7.88)
      • The target number field is  formatted to show two decimal places


      Expected result


      • The number field should show 7,88
      • Clicking in the field shows 7,88 too


      Actual Result


      • The number field shows 788,00 - 100 times too much
      • Clicking in the field shows 7.88






      The workaround seems to be to ensure that the system and the file decimal separator are the same.


      • You can change the separator in the operating system (On Windows you can change it (dynamically ) to a comma -> and then it works)


      Alternatively, you can clone the file to change its internal decimal separator to a dot -> this is what we do for our Swiss customers, who also work with a decimal point = dot.


      The bug


      In my opinion, however, this is a bug in the FileMaker XML-Import which should NEVER convert the decimal separator to the system decimal separator. This CLEARLY will NEVER create correct numbers in a file where the decimal separator is something else!


      While this bug exists, it will never be possible to use such a file in an international organization that uses OSes set up with different decimal separators.


      Please consider fixing this.


      Thank You