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Plural Form of Sort List Key in Sub-Summary Part

Question asked by bee13 on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by erolst

I want the Sort List Key merge field that's placed in a layout's sub-summary part to reflect the plural form (essentially an "s" on the trailing end) when the count for each sort break is not equal to 1 (≠ 1).


I have tried using a Summary Field that counts the number of record IDs as well as various Case logic structures in the Sort List Key calc field, all to no avail.  The problem is that none of these approaches 'sees' the Count from the perspective of being inside a sorted sub-summary layout part; they look at the entire found set.


Is there a simple way to determine and reflect the plural form of the Sort List Key in a sorted/break state?