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Opening FMP server DB from VBA

Question asked by disabled_brianb on Jun 29, 2017
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Hate to bother everyone again but google searching yields no results.



Problem:  I


1) have a VBA script (excel) to call and open filemaker -> delays to account for window update-> then runs FM script to import. Worked perfectly fine until the FM file was moved from a Local Network to a FM server.   I have updated the VBA to include FM server location (IP & filename), but it can no longer open the DB file.   Not exactly sure the reasoning and I assume it has to do with the FMserver setup

                    i have tried various formats of the location such as  "\\\FileName"   "fmp:\\\FileName", forwards slashes etc...


2) In addition, my  FM import script can no longer import on the first try.  The import file is set up so  with a static name/location within a temporary folder located on the local network drive. After a few error prompts and manually selecting the file location it will import and continue with the script as normal. However, It takes a min of two attempts at selecting the same import csv file.



to help understand the workflow:   excel-> user clicks macro button -> macro generates  temp csv file -> opens fm -> calls fm script to import from that csv.      It worked when everything was hosted on local, but now that it is been migrated to FMserver it doesn't agree with the scripting