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Missing Tools When You Have A Custom Menu Set with No Custom Menus

Question asked by KenNewell on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by KenNewell

Not sure if this can be considered a bug but I have found that the behavior is different between FM15 and FM16,


OS:  Windows 7

FM: Version:  FMPA 16.0.1 and 15.0.3

Scenerio:  Have a main menu which has a custom menu set called None.  As the name applies it has no menus attached to it.  It would show Tools whenever I opened in Advance and if need be I could select my standard menu.  This works in FMPA 16 until you navigate away from that window and then come back.  The Tools would not show up when you came back to that window.  In FMPA 15 the tools would still show up.


I believe this is probably related to the windows changes in FM16.


Anyhow not a big issue to me but wanted to share.