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    Create a script to insert a PDF file into a container file based on an order ID?


      Hello, I am new to FM and trying to work my way through updating a old FM order tracking system. When I get an order from the web I get three files with every order. A CSV file with the order details (ship to, billing and products being ordered), a PDF packing slip and a graphic file used in manufacturing.

      I import the csv file into FM. I have been manually inserting the PDF files into a container file for each record. This is becoming a pain. The csv has a unique order id number, the PDF file uses the same number with a pre-fix of "DN_" (DN means Delivery Notice) followed by the order id number. Example DN_20141567834.pdf

      Can I make a script so the PDF file is inserted automatically into the container file with the same order ID.?


      If possible in bulk. I bulk upload say 50 csv files into the database then want to run a script to update the to PDF files correctly to each order id.

      So when customer services looks at a record, they see all the order information from the csv file and then can look at the actual order PDF file is required.


      I hope this makes sense.