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    Indexing and file size?


      I noticed that indexing seems to consume a lot of space. I did a test on a file with about 7M records that was around 3GB in size. I indexed All for a few fields to speed up some finds and portals. I decided to check the file size just to see and it is now 15GB. That is a big increase. Is this a normal expectation?

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          500%?  Yep, sometimes.  Another factor that affects it, is the type of field content.  If, for example, you have a field that may have big chunks of text, then the indexed file will be much larger.

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            Johan Hedman

            I have seen far worse when the field have a lot of text. I had a file that had a size of 3,7 GB and then I turned on index on one log field that creates text for each time the record get change per field and in very short amount of time the file suddenly was +60 GB. Had to turn index of on the log field. Closed the file and re-opened in FMP and closed it again to again open in on FMS and it was back to original size around 4 GB

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              If you "find" on the field it is needed cost, but if only for "portals", you can use "minimum" index on text field that make only "value index", avoid "word index".

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                I knew there would be an impact on size but I did not realize it would be so much. Which index setting is generally best for eSQL parameters?