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How to adjust conditional formatting on a field that is also a button in FMP16

Question asked by techt on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by erolst

Ok, I've hit this issue a few times with FMP16, and have to go back to v15 to get the functionality that I'm used to. I'm hoping someone out there can provide a better answer than the workaround I've been using.


So, I have a solution that was built in v15, works great. I have a field that when clicked on takes the user to the related record. The related record has a status, that when a threshold is met, the field changes color (to indicate low stock). With v15, I would just right-click and set the conditional formatting, easy.


In v16, conditional formatting no longer shows up under the contextual menu (right-clicking on the field). Since it is a button, double-clicking on the field does bring up the button setup dialog, which states that "This is considered to be a grouped button. Only its action can be modified."


I don't want to 'ungroup' or remove the button (and then having to link it back up again) just to change the conditional formatting requirements, so end up closing the file and opening it back in v15, right-click and adjust from there. Not an improvement to productivity at that point, especially if I have a number of items I'm working on.


So, does anyone have a better solution? Does anyone know if this was an intentional change in v16, and if so, can we get it reverted back? I know that the help in v16 states that conditional formatting should be used in moderation as it may affect performance, but not how to solve this.

Thanks in advance,