Server installation issue

Discussion created by efege on Jul 1, 2017
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We have a FM solution developed on FM 16 ready for deployment via a client server (I5, seventh generation, 1 TB HD, memory of 16 GB, with Windows Server R2). The solution is supposed to run on 4 separate machines, all with Windows 10 Pro and FM 16.


The issues we are having seem to be related to some configuration either on the server, or on the solution, or both:


1) When we open the solution on one machine it works fine. When we try to open it on another machine a message pops up saying that the solution is already in use on another machine.


2) Another issue that we have is when we modify any record on the machine we opened the solution and try to save it another message pops up saying that it can't find the host even though the server address was inserted on that machine.


On the solution uploaded to the server only me as the Administrator can Manage Extended Privilegies, the Sharing option has been set to Network Sharing On, with Network Access File set to Specify Users by Privilegie Set (pre-defined in File/Manage Database/Security. The solution name and the IP address are also included in the Network Access File window.


Can anyone help us with this?