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Help splitting string to number fields

Question asked by jdornbos on Jun 30, 2017
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I have data in the format of:


that I would like to split into 4 individual values for further processing.


Each month when I trigger this process, I'll have several hundred thousand records to process, so I'm looking for some efficiency over what I have so far. I can filter to get rid of the brackets. I recall that I used to be able to split strings based on a user-definable value, such as a comma - but I can't seem to find that function in FM 16 at the moment. Substituting a space for the comma, then using Left, Mid or Right words throws out the negative - which I need to keep. Finding the position of the comma, then grabbing the left, mid or right string just feels like I'm working way harder at this than I should - which is what brings me here for some help.


While the values in my sample data are the same length, I don't think I can count on that being true for all values I'll have to process. These are USPS postal delivery "paths", that in turn make up a carrier route. I intend to store the mid-point of each path, which in this case will be average(-9267061, -9267052) and average(5197513, 5197269).


TIA for any suggestions.