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Buggy Inspector behavior with Apple Magic Mouse

Question asked by deanchampeau on Jul 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by gofmp15

This is something I've been putting up with for some time and am finally frustrated enough (or perhaps bored enough) to actually post about it...


I use Apple Magic Mouse on MacOS. This mouse allows both vertical and horizontal scrolling, which is pretty nice in some apps, in others not so much. But in FileMaker, going back at least through v15 if I recall, the horizontal scrolling causes the contents of the Inspector to jitter back and forth. Usually it's just a couple dozen pixels or so of jitter, but today under v16, my accidental right-swipe while hovering over the Inspector caused the entire contents of the Inspector to scroll out of view!


Closing the Inspector and opening a new one doesn't seem to repair the problem. Quitting FMP and restarting it fixes the problem... for a few minutes. Then it starts back up.


Anybody else with a Magic Mouse experience this issue?