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    Autosizing issue, FM 16


      I've been working on a mobile layout where I'll allow certain fields to auto-size so they stretch to fill out the layout. I'm in FM 16.


      My database was created in a prior version, and some of the fields have been set up as Buttons. In FM 16, those buttons become "Grouped Buttons". I clicked on one such field (set up as a button), and anchored it to the top, left, and right sides. The field would not autosize. I then used the Layout Objects panel to expand the Grouped Button, and clicked on the field itself and set the autosize options. It then autosized just fine. If you just click on the field and look at the autosizing setup, it will NOT show the autosizing options that are in effect. This seems like an undesirable behavior.


      If I add a field to a layout, set the autosizing options, then turn it into a button, it will autosize properly, and the settings will be set properly. Both the button and the "grouped field" will show the options that are in effect.


      At that point, I had my "Grouped Button" set up so that the button was not set to autosize, but the field was. The field autosized. I then changed the Button setup from "Perform a Script" to "Do Nothing." The object no longer showed up as a "Grouped Button", it showed up as a "Group." Interestingly, though the field was still set to autosize, and the "Group" wasn't, the field wouldn't autosize. I ungrouped it (the Group was just a field plus whatever remained after I switched Button Setup from Perform to Do Nothing). Once ungrouped, the field did what the autosizing was set up to do.


      I imagine that someone out there will run into this, and will have a bit of difficulty figuring out why a field does or does not autosize as intended. Hope this helps. Also...I'm not sure if I'd call this a bug. If it's intended behavior, I don't really see the benefit of having it act the way it does currently.


      Thoughts, anyone?

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          D, This is something I ran into along with others. It is the way it is now and is considered expected behavior. It is a consequence of the Layout Objects panel and the way older objects are converted. You will also find that you cannot change appearance attributes of any grouped object directly in the inspector as you could in previous versions. You must select the object of a group in the object panel and then you have access to the appearance tab in the inspector.

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            Yep. I actually like the Layout Objects panel. I have no problems with that. But...FM should sense when a field has been set up as a Button, and then when it has been converted back to just a field. It doesn't do that now. Why not? This is a new feature, and I do like it. It just has some rough edges, I think. If a field is a field, then the portion of the "Group" that is worthless should be auto-deleted by FM. Why leave a group which is nothing but a field?


            I'm loving FM 16 and FMS 16.


            I'll bring it up elsewhere later, but one other thing about the Layout Objects panel. If you place it somewhere on your monitor, then go to layout and back to browse, it'll remain where you last placed it. If you place it on another monitor...it'll forget its location. Confirm that if you can.

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              The benefits of the Layout Objects panel far outweigh this minor inconvenience. It sort of makes sense once you've dealt with it a few times, and the LO panel is an excellent extra tool. I guess it's like any new thing—you have to relearn to some extent.

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                I love the Layout Objects panel. Don't get me wrong. It is fabulous. It's also new. I hope FM just keeps making it better. FM 16 and FMS 16 are definitely big steps forward.

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                  Also, for future designs considering using a menu bar button that displays the text in the field. I'm using these exclusively in reports where the user can click on the data to do something.