Multi-Employees Appointment Books

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Hi guys,


So I have a project to make a sort of Multi-Employees Appointment Books. For a clinic, so we can see how many “Patients” (or “customers”) have been seen daily by the “Practitioners” (or “Employees”). filemaker screen shot 123123.jpg


What I want is to be able to see “Daily” which “Patients” have met with the different “Practitioners”. I just need like a simple Table list but that only shows the Selected “Practitioner” table of “Appointments” on a certain Date. Like this.

Screenshot filemaker012.jpg


What I have done so far is that I created a “Patient” Table, a “Practitioner” Table, and a “Daily” Table. They are all related thru the “Appointment” Table. Please see attached.


My main Layout is the Daily Layout which is supposed to display the Daily Date and some Totals, Summaries… for a given day. I also have a Portal based on “Appointments” that displays the “Patients” seen. And I created a sort of Navigation portal based on “Practitioners_All” that display all the staff members. And when I click on one of the names it displays the wished Practitionar Appointment Portal of that Day.


Now it all works well but the only problem is that when I create a new Daily record, it will not show my Practitioners names in the “Practitioners_All” Portal. It will only display once an “Appointment “is created. It will also not show if I click on a Practitioner  that hasn’t have any appointments yet, all the “Practitioners_All” names will disappear. Which is kind of annoying.

filemaker scrreen shot 123456.jpg


I am realy struggling with this and feel I am missing some small detail but I have been thinking days about it without any solution. I hope you guys can think about something.


If you need more information or screenshots do not hesitate.




PS: I also noticed that when I deleted a record from “DailyBook” it will only delete all the related Appointment records from the one SelectedPractitioner.But it would keep all the other practitioner from that same day.