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    Hosting whilst testing



      Im not there yet, but can anybody tell me the cheapest or even free, hosting solution whilst testing / building my database. I think where I should be eventually aiming is Amazon.


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          I have seen other posts here. I just need to host it and see how Go and Webdrect react with different access privileges and devices. Ill be the only user.

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            You could try this:


            FileMaker 16 Hosting Made Simple With Free Trial


            or purchase a 1 year FileMaker Developer Subscription, which includes a license for FileMaker Server for testing :-)


            FileMaker Store: FileMaker Developer Subscription

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              Markus Schneider

              If You develop solutions - not just doing a trial, then joining FDS ( FileMaker Developer Subsription) is the best choice. You will get a developer version of FMS, limitted to one connection for webdirect/Go and three connections for FileMaker Pro/Adv (not sure about the 'three', but it's limitted to a few clients)


              (as Skywillmott allready posted)

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                Thanks, whilst Im mainly interested in my solution, the developer option does what I need. The fact its a one time price makes it attractive. And as its run by Filemaker it probably won't fall over.



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                  Johan Hedman

                  I would setup smallest FileMaker Cloud. Takes you less then 30 minutes to setup and you can delete it when you are finished developing.


                  But recommend you always to have a environment to test all your solution at and never mix with live data/environment.

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                    I've used fmpHost and they are pretty good.


                    The plan you show is for hosting your own copy of 16 but doesn't include the software license which you present or rent from them.


                    fmpHost,com has a shared hosting price and uses 14 and provides Pro, Go and WebDirect. That would be about $20 a month.  This can be started and canceled at any time.


                    FileMaker Pro can also host up to 8 or nine clients but will not do WebDirect, I believe. I use it with my iPhone for testing.

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                      Markus Schneider

                      5... FileMaker Pro can act as a host for up to 5 clients (V11 had 8 or 9).


                      No ssl, no automatic backup, no service (FMS is a service, Pro an app, running by users), erc.

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                        AWS free tier works well enough for development. Free for a year and super cheap after that. I have one for some light development and I swear I get a bill for $6/month now. While technically a little short on disk space per the FMS requirements it does work just fine.

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                          I definitely like bigtom's reply best.

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                            Using Pro to host other clients works best if it is installed on a computer only used as the host and Pro is not used on that computer. But it works.


                            The question becomes whether using a $400+ computer and $300 software is cheaper than using a $20 a month hosted site (or a bit more). If you already have an Internet connection and wifi or an ethernet hub that means you could use a remote host for about 3 years for the same dollars.


                            But...a remotely hosted file is not as fast/responsive as a locally hosted file but it does provide remote access from anywhere. fmpHost offers one file for about $20 a month with unlimited Pro, GO or WebDirect connections. Hard to beat that. It is a 14 server however.


                            If all of your users are in house and you never want Internet connections, use an inhouse server. It's more secure, faster and you have more control. You will have to provide a computer to use as a server and use it only for fmp. And you don't have to worry about all the Internet problems with disconnects, disruptions and with a shared host watching your performance drop at 4PM when everyone else begins running those updates.

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                              Markus Schneider



                              When it's just for testing, one can have FM running on the desktop machine and test the remote handling on hisher laptop or on a colleague's machine. For that purpose, running FM as a host on a production machine might be ok - so, it's cheaper


                              There are sites with bad network - it makes sense to run an own FMS, local. then, the FDS comes handy (we're talking about testing, not production)


                              For companies with a specific 'size', a SLA (site licence) does the trick: If a companie has more than 25 employes, a SLA is possible -  comes with more than only one server, means that there could be a testserver...

                              Costs a bit - but I'm very happy to have that!