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    Survey plugin


      Hi FM Developers, as usual I try to ask you a question, where I have ended all searches with no clear answer...

      Fact is that I want to create a "support site" for any online and offline dating web system, cause I have seen lot of answers, lot of messages to some dating users, ans users cannot choose the best in a simple way.

      I don't want to use a wordpress plugin or something different from FM, but I was wondering if you have tested some advanced plugin I can add to a FM Server 14 (I can test web access withouth concurrent user's problem, as in 16), to have different surveys for a user.

      I have done many databases with surveys, especially for call center companies, but it is long and annoying work, especially if you have lot of questions and different kind of answers (some Y/N, some 1 to 5, ...)


      More than this, I want to ask you if you know or have deleloped a system to login user with option he register before, so I don't have to send him/her user and password before.


      Sorry for long post, thank you in advance.

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            What besides the log in issue do you want to accomplish with that plug in?


            With the right data model, the same solution can manage multiple surveys with multiple response formats and value lists. Setting up a new survey then becomes a data entry task, not a data base design task.

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              Surveys, questionnaires, forms. All good things to  research on this forum.


              The issue in creating the questions and answers and in collecting the response is not the problem (as I have found). The biggest problem with FM (without external means) is the List View is NOT at all flexible in Browse mode (Preview/Print have sliding up.). And anyone that has created surveys, knows that the questions are not all just one line and the responses are not always just one line "edit" boxes.


              I've mostly moved any of this out-of-the-box and into HTML in some way. The Web Viewer has gotten better and if you can "submit" back to FM, it's a good way to collect those responses, too. But generally, I would use FMS for web publishing (not WD, as it has the same limitations as FM List View). With CWP, you have that flexibility to make a very good form for submitting.