Server set to run script to send out emails?

Discussion created by jjfcpa on Jul 3, 2017
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I have a script in one of my solutions running on Filemaker Server and that script sends emails to a number of people.


When I setup the script to run in FMS, it said I hadn't setup the SMTP server yet, so I did that have creating the scheduled script.  It was supposed to run this morning, but I'm guessing it didn't work because I didn't get an email saying it went out nor did I get an email saying that it failed.


I started thinking... What should I select in the solution script "send mail"... should it use the email client or should it be set to SMTP?  I had it set to SMTP with the same information that I entered in FMS as the SMTP address.  In  this case, it uses an SMTP service rather than the one where the server is located.  I know this works because when I tested it in FMS it said that it tested OK.


Any ideas how to test and resolve.