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    Filemaker Go tabs


      I have just started writing for FM Go. I have a script which will change the payout when the iPhone/iPad is rotated. This works well. the only problem is that because I am using Tabs, it goes to the default tab, not the current one I am working on. What I would really like to do is to set the current table object name as a variable and then when I go to the alternative layout, go to this tab. Any thoughts?

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          GetLayoutObjectAttribute( object; attribute ), where 'object' is objectname of tab and attribute is "isFrontPanel".

          Result is TRUE if tab with name 'object' is active.

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            Thanks. I take it GetLayoutObjectAttribute( object; attribute ) is not available in FMP13. Unfortunately most of my users are on 13.

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              It is available in FMP 13. Better look again.


              Are you changing layouts when the device is rotated?


              You can use Go TO Object to bring the desired panel back to the front. This requires tracking which panel is currently in front which can be done with GetLayoutObjectAttribute, but you can also do it with the OnPanelSwitch trigger and the get ( TriggerTargetPanel ) function. THis function returns a list with one value as the panel's object name and one for its number.


              Other details:

              You have to use the inspector to assign object names to each tab panel.

              You have to save that current object name in a globlal $$variable.