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    Restrict access on account


      I've made a database that I want to share with clients. I would like to give them an account so they can (via WebDirect)  see everything that is related to them, but not the other clients. Can I do this, and if so how?

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          FileMaker has a robust, granular security system that is build around accounts and privilege sets.


          About accounts, privilege sets, and extended privileges


          the instructions for producing that what you want would be driven by the specifics of the solution and the requirements.


          Lots of good learning in the FileMaker training series and help system, Lynda.com, and google among other resources.


          FileMaker Web Seminar: FileMaker Security - YouTube

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            To elaborate on that, if you set up a text field that auto-enter's the user's account name when the record is created, you can set up their privilege set such that users with that privilege set can only access records that have their account name in that field. From there you can add some User Interface level stuff to help keep them from pulling up records that the security system then blocks from view by covering the data with "access denied" screens.


            For example, any find performed by a user will automatically omit records for which they do not have permission to view. Then you add custom menus that either remove menu options such as "show all" and "show omitted only" or that replace them with options that also omit the "denied" records. Note that these UI changes are not security settings, they are options intended to improve the user experience by steering the user away from access privilege generated error messages.