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    linking summary fields


      I am a new FileMaker Pro 15 user. I have started creating a simple accounting databases with a few tables. One table is for expenditures (I also have billing, salaries, other fund sources, etc.) and I have created a summary field in my Expenditures table that calculates the sum of entries in my “Amount” field. In the Relationships tab in the “Manage Database” menu I am trying to link that summary field to another table to do more calculations (a budget balance), but it is greyed out. Is there some other way to link summary fields from different table to create a final value, like a Final Budget Balance?

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          "...simple accounting databases..." are far from simple.  As a matter of fact their so complicated there are only a few complete solutions available completely using FileMaker.

          But to what you are trying to accomplish, you shouldn't connect your relationship in that manner.

          Better would be to create a relationship with proper keys and use (if possible) that field in that other table.

          For an example, look at the Invoices Starter Solution and see how they use totals and sub totals.  More specifically which table they are on and what/how they reference summaries (totals).

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            Looks like you should be linking by an account ID field or a Budget category or something like that rather than a subtotal computed from a summary field--which can't be used as a match field anyway.

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              Thank you Steve, I will play with the Invoices Starter Solution to see what I can learn.