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    file container name


      I have a problem in a file container name,

      i created a calculation field [GetValue (container ; 1), then made marge for calculation field .

      but when insert the picture It appears in the place of the name (image size)

      Thanks so much for any tips!

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          I suggest using the getcontainerattribute  function to get the file name of a file in a container field.

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            Let's define things:


            Getvalue is incorrect here


            Container Field for picture


            getcontainerattribute(picturecontainer; "attribute type)  <--- read the help file for types

            You can use this to extract all of the data stored by the photo


            Using the attribute you can create fields for file name, size, created date, gps values, etc.


            Each of these would be a calculated field using getcontainerattribute to extract the value.