Slow Graphic loading in 16 single user mode

Discussion created by gofmp15 on Jul 3, 2017
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I am taking photos using iPhone and having them transferred to both iCloud and Dropbox. Then I create a folder in my local drop box folder and drag the images into it and then use import to bring them into FileMaker container fields.


I have to do this since GO does not store the metadata in pictures it takes and I want the GPS, etc. Also The filename and filepath and a thumbnail can also be entered automatically if fields are in the record for the data. The thumbnail is about 1/1000th the size of iPhone's image.


Image Import.PNG

The thumbnail works great in list view since it is small in pixels.

It seems that over 3 Megs images load slowly in 16 on my several year old laptop. I can only imagine what happens over the Internet.


This leads me to the question that has been asked before:


If I create a 'thumbnail' design to pixel match the size of the container field on a iPad size layout and one for iPhone. how will these extra fields in the record affect performance considering an opinion that FIleMaker transfers all data in the record. Or does it?


This of course brings a further question: is it the transfer of data from the drive or is it FileMaker's rendering of the image. If I have previously listed the record in a report showing the thumbnail, I would assume that FileMaker has already loaded the big container. When I think open the form of a record the slowness in display could be the rendering and not the loading of the data from the drive.


Then the final question: if I create additional container fields for images sized for iPad, iPhone, etc. within the same record, how will this affect performance in moving from record to record in a form view showing a container/image sized to fit the screen.


Somebody tell me that if I buy a new mac pro laptop the problem goes away...    Windows 10 is sluggish with photos.