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More performance issues: scrolling and the drop-down showing 2nd value

Question asked by justinc on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by vcirilli

Hey all,

I have posted previously about trying to improve the performance (both loading time and scrolling responsiveness) of a various layouts.  I have some basics that I'm aware of (local fields, no unstored calcs, etc) but I ran across something today that really surprised me.


This is all done in FMPA 15.03.


I have a field for picking a category that something is assigned to; I've been using a pop-up list as the UI object.  This is defined to use a value list that stores the ID, but only shows the 2nd value.  Pretty common setup I think.


I discovered today that putting this field/object on the layout would cause a noticeable lag in the scrolling responsiveness, though.

     Field/object off layout = smooth and fast

     Field/object on layout = hitchy, medium-fast speed


I had started the day by redoing this layout:  I created all new T.O.s and new related tables.  I.e. new anchor and buoys...because this system is not using anchor-buoy previously - so I wanted to try it out and see how it would affect the performance.  I still wasn't real happy when I got things all repointed to the new T.O.s, so I started another new layout and just started putting 2 or 3 fields/objects on it at a time.  I was really surprised when I put this pop-up menu on the layout and saw such a noticeable hit in the scrolling performance.


The field is local to the table.  I did create a new Value List for this new context.  The relationship to the value list's context is a simple tableA::ID = tableB::field_fk.  The number of related records is small, < 10.  This related table isn't real wide (41 fields).  Both fields are indexed and static non-calculated values.


If I put just the field as an edit box (not as a pop-up), then it scrolls fine.  If I put the pop-over on the layout and change the value list to show only the ID, then it scrolls fine.  But using a 2nd value causes a real-noticeable lag.


Has anyone else noticed this?  Or what am I doing wrong?