Ad Server, but not for serving Ad's

Discussion created by jaythefirst on Jul 3, 2017
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I want to send workers/users a bit of information in an on screen box each time they browse a record. The bit of information will be a small image, to remind them of something. The image they get served is from a file or table and ..... I just realised the easy way to explain this. An Ad Server would do the job. But in my case it's soft kind Ad's that help the user. So my question is has anybody built an Ad server for FMP?

So the tip would actually be delivered in a banner style container. I need to count the amount of views so I can tell how many times I have to tell a user something before they understand a tip or a process. The tips are delivered as a simple image. And they need to be based on some other fields within the file like the type of customer they are talking to.

The more I try and describe what I want the more it sounds like an Ad server. So that is my question. Has anybody built an Ad server for FMP?