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Problem with Global Dates and scripting

Question asked by MichaelCotterill_1 on Jul 4, 2017
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I am using the following script to find records that fall within a range of dates


Go to Layout

Show all records

Enter Find Mode [pause off]

Set Field [ Flight Details::Date ; Flight Details::GSD & "..." & Flight Details::GED ]

Perform Find [ ]


In the above all fields for the layout are from the Flight Details table.

the search is triggered by a button which is manually activated after filling in the Global Start Date (GSD) and Global End Date (GED).

Despite this the search appears to retain the original search dates even after I have entered new GSD and GED values and activated the button again.

Should there be an extra step to possibly clear old find results? I thought I was doing that by Showing All Records.

Any advice appreciated