FM16 Webd and REST issues

Discussion created by aetherington on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by beverly

Good morning all,


We upgrade our FMS from 14 to 16 last night and everything seemed to go without any issues,  (Completely uninstalled FM14, saved databases and cleared the folders out, made sure the IIS site had been removed too) 


This morning we are noticing that we are able to access our scripts on the Fm IIS Site (we have a folder of PHP scripts)  but we are not able to access /fmi/webd or/fmi/rest/ ,  The browser is stating that the request took too long,


We did not make any changes to the firewall or hardware of the server they have both been checked ,  and webd was working without any issues before hand. 


Any help in the matter would be great!

Thank you