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    FileMaker server 15


      When trying to install the file maker server 15 the following message of the year: for a multiple machine deployment, install FileMaker server on the workers machine first, then install FileMaker server on the master machine.


      Does this mean that the FileMaker server software needs to be on each use your machine first and then install the user software, I.e. FileMaker Pro 15 well the same user machines?

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          Not sure I follow completely.  But the short answer is: no.


          "worker" does not refer to the FM Pro clients, but to the web publishing worker/slave machine in case you decide to install FM Server in multi-machine mode.  If you don't know what that it is then you don't need it and should install FM Server in single machine mode.


          'single machine' means that FMS will keep all of its components on one machine instead of off-loading the web publishing tasks to another machine.  It has nothing to do with your FM Pro clients.