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    Base64Encode changed behaviour in 16


      Product and version

      FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Pro Advanced


      OS and version

      macOS 10.12.5



      Base64Encode is not back compatible from FileMaker 16 on macOS.

      The function adds an extra control character at the end of the base 64 string.


      This doesn't create issues when using Base64Decode, but when using the function to calculate the basic auth of an API the extra character breaks the communication with the API.


      Example: "Authorization: Basic " & Base64Encode( "myAPIkey" )


      If it's completely superseded by Base64EncodeRFC, keeping it it's only interesting for back compatibility, and we lose it here



      The extra character is only added on macOS, not on Windows, so the function is not consistent between OS


      How to replicate

      Length ( Base64Encode ( "test" ) )


      returns 8 on FileMaker Pro 15

      returns 9 on FileMaker Pro 16


      Workaround (if any)

      using Base64EncodeRFC ( 4648 ; "test" ) in FileMaker 16 is a workaround, but it means all existing scripts need to be changed