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Discussion created by weedonpaul on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by bigtom

I would like to create a questionnaire for my staff when they need to do some writing.


the only problem is, is that the questions depend on the type of writing.


I have a solution but it is messy so wondered if anyone had a better idea?


My solution would be choose type  (press release, Article, Case study)

If press release (new solution, New Client, New Partner)


following that the user gets up to 13 fields to fill in. I was going to call them Field1, Field2 ....Field13 and the questions I would hide or show depending on the type of writing.


My problem with this is that if circumstances change and a press release becomes an article then I will suddenly have answers to questions that make no sense. 


Also If i want to add another type in later i will have to faff around changing hide and show rules.


any Ideas?