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Reporting on field matrix

Question asked by cnschulz on Jul 5, 2017
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Im not quite sure on where to start. I have a requirement to report on the status of Jobs. These jobs have 50 tasks that must be performed at certain weeks out from project completion. They are broken into 5 categories. Each task has 5 pieces if data associated with them. I need to produce a "dashboard" that lists each job and the completion of each category. When all tasks in a category are complete that column in the job report turns green. If its not complete and the task is overdue, it turns red.


The process to do this is quite straight forward but if I map a field to each task I will have over 100 fields I need to manage!!! Im sure theres a smart way to do this with a portal but I cant think of how to "pivot" portal rows into columns in the report.


I hope ive been clear and that someone can point me in the right direction to a design methodology.


Thanks in advance.