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    FM16: Subscript in other file brings other file in front (Windows only)


      FileMaker Pro 16 and Advanced 16: Windows only

      Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10


      A script in file A calls a script in file B

      - expected result: File B stays in background

      - actual result: File B comes in front



      In our case the deletion of a record in file A is logged in protocol table in file B (a routine function since several years):

      - Mastescript in file A calls Subscript in file B

      - Subscript B GOES TO LAYOUT X and writes the log entry (at this point file B comes to front)

      - Masterscript in file A displays a dialog "function completed"(which is shown above the windows of file B!)



      This only happens on FM16 Windows.

      - not on FM15 oder earlier

      - not on FM16 Mac or earlier