OnObjectKeystroke - repeated keys issue.

Discussion created by fxdb on Jul 5, 2017
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When a field has an OnObjectKeystroke attached, regardless of the script that is set to run, certain repetitive keystrokes can cause undesired characters to appear in the content.


As an example of this:


  • Create a field and enter a paragraph or two of content.
  • Attach an OnObjectKeystroke to run a script
  • The script can be as simple as Exit Script[ True ] or even empty, it matters not.
  • Now, enter the field and hold down the a cursor key, to move the caret along the content.


Shortly after, you will see undesired characters entered repeatedly.  The same occurs for all cursor keys and other utility keys


  • Left produces %
  • Up produces &
  • Down produces (
  • Right produces '
  • Page Down produces: "
  • Page Up produces:  !
  • etc.


This occurs in FileMaker Pro Advanced (and just Pro) with v15 and v16 on Windows 10.

I have not tested other versions or macOS.


Message was edited by: Steve Wright Correction, an empty script does not run, therefore does not produce the same output.