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Generating a Layout that only shows Non-Hidden Records

Question asked by eclarkson on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by gofmp15

Is this possible in Filemaker Pro Advanced 13?


So I have one lay out that is the list of records. I have made a check mark box that informs me that I need to inform someone about a change in that record. What I have set up right now: a separate lay out where all the record information is hidden unless any box in this field is selected. The problem is pretty obvious: it keeps all this blank space where the hidden, non-selected box records are in the master list.


Is there a way to make a lay out that only displays the selected records? Or a good way to close the space between records when there is information in the hidden records? I also wouldn't mind if there was a "don't print blank space" option when saving to .pdf or printing.


I am really hoping this can happen.