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Can a runtime solution allow a user to add or modify fields on a given layout?

Question asked by grampsfish on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by Stephen Huston

I use FMP Advanced v12 to print name badges. 


I have one table that stores artwork and associated info for each name badge (a container field for the artwork, a unique artwork ID, a description of the artwork, etc.).


I have a second table that stores information unique to each name badge ( first name, last name, company name, person's title, the artwork ID, etc.)


I create a unique layout for each name badge design, displaying the artwork from one table and name badge info from the other table.  Pretty simple stuff.


The location of the name badge info and the various fields display may change from one name badge design to another, so I make a separate unique layout for each name badge design.  One layout may display only the artwork and the first name, with the first name located exactly in the middle of the name badge.  Another layout may display the artwork, first name, last name, and company name with each field located in different areas of the name badge.  Once again, pretty simple stuff.  There's no problem at all for me to create a unique layout for each name badge design and position the desired fields exactly where they need to be.


But now the fly in the ointment.  I am selling one of my name badge making machines, and the buyer, who does not own a copy of Filemaker Pro, would like a copy of my database layout.



Is it possible to make a runtime solution that would have the structure of my artwork table and the structure of my name badge info table, and allow the user to either create individual layouts or modify both the selection of name badge fields used on the layout and the location of the name badge fields used on the layout?


I have a very strong suspicion that the answer is "no," and my buyer's only options are to either purchase FMP for themselves or to have me create an assortment of layouts with various name badge fields and field locations, and then have any new name badges be designed to fit the way the fields are set up on one of those layouts.


Any thoughts would be appreciated!