Update data in table a with data from table b

Discussion created by alexissindicic on Jul 5, 2017
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Hey Filemaker Community,


I have a table which contains information about Keywords :

- keyword

- volume

- difficulty

- url (where the keyword is located)

- position on google (empty field)



And another table Google Positions with my accurate positions for each keywords on google :

- keyword

- position on google

- url which is positioned




Once a month i'd like to update my Google position and i'd like to see the info from Google_position populate in my keyword table

( Google_Positions :: Rank ->> Keyword :: Rank_desktop)


I don't know how to do it with a link through the tables ...

If you have any tips it'd be gold to me


I am actually working on a script which performs a search for all Google_positions related to a specified URL (as keyword and google positions share this critera). Through this search i manage to get all the data i'd like to pull back in my Keyword table but i don't find any function that could help me do that. Plus i think it's a bit complicated ...


Many thanks