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    Plugins in 16 can now add script steps!


      While testing Troi's file plugin I discovered that it adds new steps in the script editor:  For Instance:

      • Append to File
      • Get File Contents with Dialog
      • Enable/Disable Troi File Plug-in
      • Copy File
      • Copy Folder
      • Create Alias
      • Create File
      • Create Folder
      • Create Thumbnail
      • Create Zip
      • Delete File
      • Delete Folder
      • Add DragAndDrop Handler
      • Execute Shell
      • Insert in File
      • Launch File
      • Launch Application
      • Mount Disk
      • Move File
      • Move Folder
      • Open Folder
      • Reveal File
      • Reveal Folder
      • Show Save File Dialog
      • Show Select File Dialog
      • Show Select Folder Dialog
      • Set Contents of File
      • Set File Attribute
      • Set Finder Comment
      • Set MetaData of Image File
      • Set Timestamp Created
      • Set Timestamp Modified
      • Stop DragAndDrop Handlers
      • Substitute In File
      • Unmount Disk
      • UnZip


      Other plugins may also add script steps but I haven't checked any others.


      This may be old news to some but I just discovered it...

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          Johan Hedman

          All plugin developer can update there plugins to work like that since FM15 if I remember correctly. Troi are updating all there plugins for FM16

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            While a plugin can offer those, they all keep the existing functions.

            And if you need to be compatible to FileMaker 15, you may better keep using the old way.

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              Compatibility isn't a concern with me although with other devs it will be.


              What concerns me is plugins that drift away from the ease of use concept and require the use of many steps to reach a goal. I don't mind the existence of those steps but if they were packaged in a script step in the FileMaker Way and offered a dialog requesting input for the several values like the email dialog that asks for to, subject, attachment, etc. or the web viewer that has input fields for address city state, etc.


              The dialog might have checkboxes or radio buttons for the options rather than requiring the complexity of the current methods.


              Yes, I learned to hate text coding starting with DOS command lines, basic, xBase, etc. I forsake them all for the ease and reliability of FileMaker's point and shoot methods and find that FileMaker is incorporating various elements that return me to the nightmares of debugging lots of text lines with no help...